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A (shared) tale of two cities

Retaining skills and knowledge sharing within a company is paramount, while not spreading resources too thin. So, what do organisations that want to deliver a state-wide capacity do when they are in Southern Tasmania and are required in the North of Tasmania, and vice versa?

Maintaining and supporting multiple sites can be a costly exercise; office expenses, cars, and travel, quiet workload periods all eventuate with the customer footing the bill.

This was the position for Southern Tasmania based Compago Technologies and Northern Tasmania based Eagle Crest Technologies: both wanted to deliver a true state-wide presence to their customers; customers who are equally invested in retaining the skills and career pathways of their staff, in Tasmania, while being cognizant of the social, environmental, and financial implications inherently attached.

Compago Technologies and Eagle Crest Technologies are excited to announce a blending of business philosophies and operational culture by way of a newly formed state-wide coverage partnership.

Imagine, a state-wide footprint of local staff who know their customers business, retaining onshore employment and community connections while saving valuable costs to all involved.

Both companies now have access to Northern and Southern state skilled technicians and a customer service desk that executes level 1 support from 6am to 9pm.

The contact details for Compago Technologies remain the same 1300 871 821 and

This collaboration will see a reduction of risks for both companies, however, it'll be their customers that are the real beneficiaries; obtaining intelligent IT that allows them to be free to do.

We know you’re curious, here are a few already obtain FAQs we’ve addressed:

· Is this a Merger or Acquisition?

Neither. This is a partnership between two organisations that have very similar business philosophies and cultures around customer-centricity. Both companies will maintain their own ownership and management structures but will work together in the interests of both organisations' clients to ensure a high level of service.

· Will the invoicing change?

No. Each organisation's clients will continue to be invoiced by the individual organisation as they currently are. Your finance department won’t notice a thing different.

· Will there be any job losses due to this new arrangement?

No. There will be no job losses through this partnership. The intent of the partnership is to enable both organisations to grow and therefore employ more staff. It does however increase the likelihood of staff engagement by way of new projects, upgrade of skills and retention.

· Will there be any impact on pricing for current and future customers of either organisation?

No. Outside of annual reviews for CPI, the current rates of both organisations will remain the same. One of the benefits of this partnership is that through the sharing of resources we can maintain our overheads going forward and therefore not put upwards pressure on our current rates.

· Should existing clients for either organisation expect any changes to products and services

No. In the early stages of the partnership, we are not envisaging any changes to our products and services other than you may talk to or meet staff from both Compago Technologies and Eagle Crest.

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