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Welcome to Compago Technologies

The challenge of COVID-19  has revealed an urgent need for resilient business infrastructure and innovative technology to ensure a solid future for businesses everywhere.
Compago Technologies accepts the invitation to create the required business IT infrastructure for this global challenge, and more locally - to ensure your uninterrupted business success.
Compago Technologies' mission is to create an intelligent business IT framework & partnership platform with your organisation, one that will sustainably drive your business into the future.

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What We Will Do

With varied support options available, Compago Technologies will intelligently tailor to meet your business IT needs.

Our support options are adaptable to your business and with no long term contracts, you can move between them based on real-time operational needs.

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How We Contribute

When you partner with Compago Technologies to conduct your various business IT planning solutions, you'll be freeing yourself and your staff to confidently conduct your other business operations.

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What We Can Source

Our software and infrastructure partners are the best in the business so you can be assured your system is backed by the quality you expect. And when it comes to hardware, we’ve partnered with the most innovative, reliable and industry-leading brands.

Intelligent Business IT

Are you ready for intelligent Business IT infrastructure?

Meet Our Clients

Intelligent Business IT Partnerships


Simmons Wolfhagen Lawyers look forward to continuing our partnership with Compago Technologies (formerly AxsysIT); we know our business IT needs are backed by local support and services, which keeps us on the front foot in relation to our business IT requirements.

Contact Us

2/37 Tasma Street North Hobart 7002

1300 871 821

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