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Strategy & Governance

COMPAGO: partnership + framework

When you work with Compago Technologies to conduct your IT planning solutions, you'll be freeing yourself and your staff to confidently conduct your business operations.

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Any road will get you there if you don't know where you are going - and the costs associated with this meandering soon mount up. 


Working alongside our industry experts to establish an integrated IT strategy with your existing business plans will identify and address critical gaps relevant to your organisation.

Strategy Planning with Compago Technologies will have your organisation aware of all immediate and future information technology needs, allowing you to intelligently deliver on the vision of your organisation while reducing your exposure to unwelcomed risks along the way.

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Hackers rarely have full knowledge of the technology of their target.

​Planning your cybersecurity needs to the Essential 8 Standards will contribute to your business continuity by way of identifying gaps in your IT systems.

Cyber Security Planning with Compago Technology is a tier-one multi-layered cybersecurity defence strategy; your organisation will have an active and intelligent framework that minimises your exposure to cyber-attacks.

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Outages and disasters happen.

Avoidable consequences need not. 

Business Continuity Planning will reduce the likelihood of having something go wrong with your IT infrastructure and the losses that can occur during such events, especially when done in conjunction with a Compago Technologies Strategy Planning service.
By compiling a Business Continuity plan, should something major go wrong with your IT infrastructure, your organisation will have an established and populated “avoidable consequences” path to follow, increasing business confidence and capabilities during times of emergency.

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Who does what when?

​Tested and populated protocols alongside established administrative privileges reduce the risk of inactivity during a business emergency or IT disaster.

​Compago Technologies disaster recovery planning stipulates who does what, when, and to what standard – delivering business continuity when you need it most.

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What do we want? When do we want it?

​Establishing your IT Infrastructure Design with Compago Technologies will have you across what your organisation requires now and have you fully aware and budgeted for what you’ll require in the future.

​This process intelligently produces cost-effectiveness and for-purpose IT infrastructure procurement aligned with your business strategy.

​Which, ultimately, will improve your business performance.

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Are you crystal ball reading or do you actually have an considered procurement process?

Determining the timeframes and costs of your hardware and software needs, asset and warranty registers, replacement and end of life schedules all contribute to forecasted expenditure that is aligned to your budgeting cycle, and concurrently reduces maintenance costs and maintaining outdated equipment.

​Working with Compago Technologies to create a Procurement Plan will not only demonstrate the eco-efficiency of your organisation but will also improve business performance along the way.

We encourage you to take action in establishing the IT strategy and security needs of your organisation, contact our office today.

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