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  • David Pretorius

Compliance | Don’t get taken by surprise.

Lets reset expectations!

Over the last 2-3 years, we have been working with our contracted clients on their compliance journey around Cyber Security, Essential 8 or ISO27001.

The first step, is usually the hardest and most commonly, it involves getting EVERYBODY ( board, owners, exec’s, staff and IT ) to all agree that things ARE NOT 100% secure and compliant and that we need to start somewhere.

It is much more important to be honest with what % compliance a company is currently at and having a plan to address the gaps VS pig headedness.

The below image is a typical organization’s dashboard approximately 3 months into a monthly compliance engagement, in that, the board | exec’s are aware that;

  • All requirements have been articulated, reviewed and selected from a relevant standard.

  • All requirements have had possible controls identified that will meet the requirements.

  • Of those controls, there are no “unsure“, like there would be at the beginning of the process.

  • The organisation is;

  • 50% through the process BUT, depending on budget, timing and other business pressures, they might be 12 - 18 months away from 100%

  • ready and expecting that Insurance companies will add extra requirements each year.

  • aware that the Australian Government will continue to lift the awareness of cyber awareness ( Small business | )


Any small to medium business can start the journey, and the journey simply takes scheduled time and diligence BUT it will be a waste of time if the board or owners won’t take that HONEST first step of assessment. GREEN is the goal, but it starts with mostly RED.

A typical dashboard approximately 3 months into a compliance journey

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