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Compliance | World Data Privacy Day.

World Data Privacy Day

Whilst we were all enjoying the long weekend late January, World Privacy Day Unsecured was celebrated / recognised around the world -> Your Guide to Celebrating Data Privacy Day | Blog | OneTrust

Then, whilst settling back into work after the weekend, the following article appeared on the ABC website.

“Football Australia data breach exposes player, fan details to public”

Reading of another breach should be a really good teaching moment for all of us. What questions do we still need to keep asking about Risk?

Some starting points for thinking about Information Risk, from the board level down;

  • Data privacy is not the same thing as data security, although they are connected.

  • Data privacy is more than not sharing your passwords with anyone.

  • Personal information is as valuable as money.



 Start taking data privacy seriously and learn how to ensure the privacy of your information.

  • Only adopt devices with latest supported version of operating systems and software.

  • Housekeeping: regularly delete cookies, review your browser’s privacy settings, clear the cache.

  • Keep your router and its settings updated.

  • Rethink your passwords.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) – learn how they are connected to the digital universe to ensure personal data is not being shared with those who do not need them.

  • If you have started the regulatory compliance journey in the IT space, have you thought about extending that to be strategic compliance?

  • Information Security Management should work hand in hand with underlying IT based Policies, Plans and Procedures, but do they mesh seamlessly into the overall NON-IT Operational Policies & Procedures.




Some of those actions can be carried out by yourself, some ideally will be done in partnership with a trusted professional partner.

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