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Getting 'stuff' done - intelligently.

There are many moving parts to keeping your business IT intelligently operating, and at Compago Technologies we are very excited to be using the powerful and intuitive cloud-based tasking platform, Autotask PSA.

Autotask PSA will allow us to make real time decisions to improve the service we provide to you, and the productivity of your business.

How so?

Let's walk through a typical support request scenario, data transfer.

It's been identified a staff member has data stored on a laptop that is not fully integrated into your IT system information, they work from home on one PC and in the workplace on another, for ease and productivity, everyone agrees it would be super handy to have all content syncing to only approved work devices.

What happens and who does what in this scenario?

Your staff member logs a support request at to the email

This is the central spot for all support requests, your email to us would contain a brief description of the situation or problem - in an IT emergency, you would call 1300 871 821

for example

'Hi need a hand transferring all the data from my old PC to the workplace systems'

This email generates an automated response from Autotask, you'll see year/month/day and then a ticket number. Also in this email, you'll find a link to the client portal where you can keep up to date on your ticket's progress, if you would like to use it, please let us know.

Through our Autotask system, a system engineer will be assigned your request and they will contact you to discuss your situation.

This is a critical stage in ensuring your job request meets your needs - ensuring the terminology and tasks match is paramount.

From here, your system engineer will determine a solution, adding the details into Autotask, present it to you and on approval, conduct the activities to remediate the task.

In this 'data transfer' example, the system engineer confirmed the support request was for data transfer – there were work specific files stored in a non-approved cloud-based system and work related photos that required appropriate archiving.

This is a common, and recurring support request as the business community migrates to cloud-based storage, and while it is an 'easy' fix for our engineers, if not done, the reduced productivity of your staff members and cyber security breaches will continue as they navigate various systems.

The staff member can now use any device to work from, with the syncing occurring automatically.

Once your ticket is completed, you'll receive an email containing the activities conducted relating to your support request.

Working intelligently is important to Compago Technologies and using platforms such as Autotask allows us to quickly and efficiently action your support requests, keeping you in the loop as we go.

Be sure to get in contact to discuss your Intelligent Business IT.

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