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James, the Intelligent Business IT guru

Hands up if you seem to be doing things the hard way, or see your colleagues fly through their computer-based activities, pushing out image-rich presentations in record time that have no spelling or grammar issues - Do you wonder if there is a more intelligent way to work, or if there is an update for the PC user staring back at you?

At Compago Technologies, IT Service Engineer, James wowed the marketing team recently with the snipping tool - we were awkwardly stuck in the '90s using screenshots, but couldn't find where we'd saved them.

James literally changed our working day, you see the Print Screen button and the resulting images we were searching so dramatically for is a legacy holdout from the 90's, and now that we have multiple monitors attached to our computer the function gives you a gigantic file that you’re going to have to edit any way - insert another headache task, that keeps us productively slow.

James explained that using the snipping tool to add small snippets into your documents/emails and presentations, was where all the intelligent IT cool cats were at - and above all, super easy.

Our ears pricked up - snipping tool, you say... super easy - we are listening!

James explained that by using the built-in Snipping Tool (or the updated version) Snip and Sketch you simply drag a selection box over what you want to be captured and it's done, already saved to your clipboard for pasting into a document using Ctrl V

Honestly, it's that easy - give it a whirl right now.







Oh, that's right, where would we find the snipping tool - Jaaammmeeesss...?

This got us wondering what other gems does James have that will contribute to Intelligent Business IT? The stuff that you and your team (and to be honest, our entire marketing department) could greatly benefit from?

James is a sought after team member - and it's not surprising, clients totally appreciate his knowledge sharing and great communication - so here are his top three PC productivity tips, four really when we circle back to the vintage screenshot scenario...five if you see the plug to getting things done.

Tip 1

Windows is always listening, well not really 'listening' but it does know what's going on and where – if you’re looking for something you know is on your PC but have no idea where, simply start typing in the 'Type here to search' box (the text box in the bottom left of your screen), no need to click on anything just type. Your search can be a filename, a program, the text from page 52 of a document, Windows will have it indexed and will find it for you. Gold!

Tip 2

The Snipping Tool and Snip and Sketch – To find the Snipping Tool see Tip 1.

Tip 3

Read Aloud – Do you like audiobooks? Well, that giant report you just wrote is your next publication. Before sending to a teammate to proofread or red pen, use the Review section of the Office Ribbon in any word document and hit Read Aloud. It’s a good enough simulation of conversational English that any serious grammatical or spelling errors will be very noticeable. Very handy if you don’t have a second set of eyes available to check something, you are working from home alone, or you've left your reading glasses somewhere. More Gold, thanks, James!!

Tip 4

Clipboard History - By default Windows only keeps one thing on the clipboard, that’s not enough. In the search box (Tip 1) enter Settings then click on System > Clipboard and switch the Clipboard History toggle to On. Now when you hit The Windows key + V it will bring up a history of things you’ve copied ready for pasting.

This is a game-changer for those who have high repetition of specific content distribution!

Then, if you want to get fancy and sync your clipboard across devices, that can also be done here - but be sure you've connected all approved workplace devices, and if you need it done, check out the article 'Getting 'stuff' done - intelligently', where we discuss how to get 'stuff' done - how to log a support request with Compago Technologies.

Intelligent Business IT has never been more important or accessible, contact us today to discuss how we could partner with you.

Ph 1300 871 821

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